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A lot of gyms and health clubs have kids fitness rooms now. Most of these clubs understand the importance of having a different style of equipment to engage the younger ones in. The Jamerson YMCA is a health club that understands this as well, at their Jamerson YMCA Kidz Gym. They recently made the choice to invest in an EyePlay system, recently talked about in our last blog entry. The Jamerson YMCA Kidz Gym already has an interactive & gaming fitness mindset going in this room, which makes the addition of this EyePlay fit even better. Here you can see the schedule and features of the Jamerson YMCA Kidz Gym.

The Jamerson YMCA Kidz Gym already has a couple of great programs:

Sportswall – Enjoy FUN hand/eye coordination games with lights and music. A great activity for individuals and teams alike

Food & Family – A monthly program offering healthy food options and family activities/challenges to incorporate the importance of children & parents partnering together to make better lifestyle choices

Sparta-KIDZ – An introduction to circuit training to develop and maintain both cardiovascular and muscular health.”

Jamerson YMCA Kidz Gym
Jamerson YMCA Kidz Gym’s newly installed EyePlay Interactive Floor

We believe that the EyePlay Floor will be a great addition to these great existing programs. But it will also bring activities and programs on it’s own, making it a great multi-use machine for the Jamerson YMCA Kidz Gym to be an engaging experience.

The features and benefits for the Jamerson YMCA Kidz Gym are not restricted to the room itself. With the Child Watch program and the engaging room, parents can use the facilities worry free. They know their child will be getting exercise, socializing, and staying out of harms way. This can be extremely important for some people, and we think it is a great benefit to bring to your club members.

Below is a YouTube video showing short clips of some of the games available to play on the EyePlay Interactive Floor. We always wish the best for our installs and the Jamerson YMCA Kidz Gym is no different. We hope it really helps get kids engaged in fitness and help fight the obesity epidemic, little by little.

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