The Prama System coordinates music, lights, and timing that creates a video game like experience but pushes you to your limits. It’s designed for training strength, speed, agility, mobility, power and more, which adapts to all audiences.

Pavigym developed a concept specifically tailored for basketball players. Prama Basketball is a new and innovative way to improve every basketball players skillset. It’s a modern style of skill training that has never been seen before! From basketball newcomers up to the pro level, any type of player can use the Prama training. Monitoring the personal performance data via Prama Cloud makes it easy for players and coaches to track progress, discover weaknesses and work on specific areas.

Prama developed three concepts of training including Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


This level is based off players who are just starting to play basketball and have little previous knowledge or skills. This is a perfect way for beginners to slowly improve their skills. It can also be used as a warmup for more experienced players and to get more acquainted with the program.

Example drills

  • Any basic ball handling drills with both hands
  • Any basic passing drills like working on chest passes or bounce passes.


This level addresses experienced basketball players with an already solid existing skill set. This level is where the drills can be faster, more challenging, and more complex.

Example drills

  • More complex dribbling drills like behind the back
  • Dribbling between the legs
  • Two ball drills including One ball high, One ball low
  • One ball pound dribble, one ball around your leg


This level is designed to enhance even the highest skill levels. It also includes the most complex drills. A level for the pros!

Example drills

  • Footwork drills to improve lateral quickness
  • One-handed passing drills with both hands
  • Complex dribbling combinations
  • Between the legs and then crossover
  • Behind the back and then crossover
  • Double crossover


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