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This week Exergame Fitness will be visiting some YMCA locations in Seattle, WA. Specifically checking up on the Northshore and Auburn Valley locations that we have done business with. They have both recently received some equipment from us that is perfect for youth fitness clubs. Both have a T-Wall 64 while the Northshore location also received a 3 Kick, Heavy Ball and an EyePlay Floor.

As with many other YMCA locations, these products are very popular for two reasons. First, these machines are extremely accessible to newcomers that are beginning to work out, gym heads, and everyone in between, they are not restrictive to age groups. Second, the interactive fitness element makes them fun and useful. Youth fitness clubs can have kids play on the machine to keep them entertained, but also use them as serious exercise machines for adults.

youth fitness clubs
T-Wall 64 at the Rye YMCA youth fitness club – ExerZone

Youth Fitness Clubs sometimes struggle with keeping kids engaged and entertained, especially the younger generations. They are so used to technology that some grow bored of the activities without it. So when a youth fitness clubs invests in a piece of equipment like a T-Wall they are paying for the quality and the type of

training it offers. But they are also buying it because of its interactive spin on workouts and the drive it gives young people to begin to be active and then drive it gives to the older generation to come back to the health club.

Youth X Rooms, not just the equipment, are very popular with youth fitness clubs like a YMCA. When you give the kids a separate space they feel more comfortable but more importantly they can be watched. A big draw for these rooms is that it offers a safe space for kids to be active while their parents use the rest of the facility. Youth X Rooms and Exergame Fitness equipment becomes a big selling point for any health club or gym. We wish the best of luck to the Northshore and Auburn Valley YMCAs with their Exergame interactive fitness equipment.

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