One of the toughest things to do at the Boys & Girls Club is to try and find fitness related options that can be fun for the kids. Exergaming, also known as active gaming or exer-gaming, refers to video games that require physical activity and movement from the players. These games typically use motion-sensing technology to detect the player’s movements, encouraging them to engage in physical exercises while playing.

Recently we were able to catch up with the Boys & Girls Club of Lower Naugatuck Valley on how they “struck gold” with bringing the Exergaming concept to their club.  Exergaming can provide several fitness benefits to Boys and Girls Clubs in various ways:

1. Increased Physical Activity:

Exergaming promotes physical activity by requiring players to move their bodies to control the game. This can help combat sedentary behaviors often associated with traditional video games and encourage children to be more active.

2. Cardiovascular Fitness:

Many exergames focus on activities that improve cardiovascular fitness, such as dancing, virtual sports, or aerobic exercises. Regular participation in these games can contribute to better heart health and endurance.

3. Improved Coordination and Motor Skills:

Exergaming often involves complex movements that require coordination and motor skills. Playing these games can help children develop better balance, agility, and hand-eye coordination.

4. Social Interaction:

Boys and Girls Clubs emphasize social interaction and teamwork. Exergaming can be a fun way for children to engage with their peers while being physically active together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cooperation.

5. Inclusivity:

Exergaming can be inclusive of children with varying fitness levels and abilities. Many games offer customizable difficulty levels, making them accessible to children of all ages and physical capabilities.

Overall, exergaming offers a unique opportunity to combine technology with physical activity, making fitness more enjoyable and accessible for children attending Boys and Girls Clubs. By integrating exergaming into their programs, these clubs can promote a culture of active living and overall well-being among their members.

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