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YMCA of Greater Houston Exergame Sneak Peak
YMCA of Greater Houston Exergame Sneak Peak

One of the key themes for the YMCA of Greater Houston has been their “Inspire Youth to Thrive” program. Through a variety of programs designed to spark real change in their youth, they believe they positively impact children in ways no other organization can. From ensuring younger children are set for success, college and career preparedness, to teaching the art…

Walla Walla YMCA adds Interactive iWall for Youth Fitness

The Walla Walla YMCA is an exercise facility dedicated to building our community. Members enjoy group exercise classes, swim lessons, day camps, and more.  With a specific focus on Youth Fitness and Technology, the Walla Walla YMCA continues to be a pioneer of melding the two together.  Recently they added the iWall to their repertoire. iWall is a fun and versatile…

YMCA Meadowlands Opens Interactive Gaming Room for Teens and Adults

The New Meadowlands Y is a place where people of all ages can come together under one roof and enjoy the things that are important things in life, a place where you feel welcomed and motivated to try the things you might have been afraid to in the past. Each day, everyone from pre-schoolers to seniors, those with diverse backgrounds and abilities…

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