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“Train Different.” It’s featured prominently on the UFC Gym website’s menu. They focus on boxing, kick boxing, mixed martial arts, and performance training as a unique way for their members to train and stay fit. This attitude is also what led both UFC Gym Sunnyvale and UFC Gym Corona  to think outside the “octagon” and install one of the most popular and versatile interactive exergaming products currently available – the TWall. And UFC Corona also brought in a second heavy hitter – the Fit Interactive 3Kick.

The great thing about these products, and especially TWall is that they are accessible to people of all ages and abilities, and can be used in a multitude of fitness settings like speed, reaction, accuracy, cardio, and strength training, and in single player or multiplayer mode. This makes them ideal for a setting such as a UFC Gym where each of those elements are crucial to improving one’s ability in the ring or octagon.

At UFC Sunnyvale, the TWall was such a hit with their members that they decided to upgrade from a TWall 32 to a TWall 64 (the difference being twice as many light panels on the 64 model). And at UFC Corona it didn’t take long for the Exergame equipment to get used. Almost immediately after getting the thumbs up for being operational, both kids and trainers flocked to the machines to try it out.

Word is spreading quickly through the UFC Gym world on how popular and successful these Exergame tools are with their members. Not even open yet, the UFC Pre Sales Office is all set to get their own TWall 64 and begin exergaming, anticipating that it will help sell more memberships in advance. And there is a fourth location also getting the ball rolling to make exergaming available to their members.

Gyms and fitness trainers are always searching for new ways to help their members find new and innovative ways to train. Exergame Fitness – with TWall and other interactive fitness products – is on the forefront of this new fitness era helping facilities like UFC Gym help their members “train different”. Click to view pictures from UFC Gym Sunnyvale and UFC Gym Corona.

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