Exergame at the BGC: Kids’ opinions about exercising and exergames can vary depending on their individual interests, personalities, and experiences.

At the Boys & Girls Club of Toledo, kids continue to talk with each other about their new Exergame room.  This helps bring in new kids, members, or even field trips to have the interactive fitness experience.  The more the kids talk amongst themselves, the more you see a ground swell of overall support for not just exergaming, but exercise in general.

Here are some common attitudes and thoughts that kids might have about exergames:

  • Fun and Engaging: Many kids find exergames to be enjoyable and entertaining. The interactive nature of these games, along with the incorporation of physical activity, can make them exciting and engaging for children.
  • Motivating: Exergames often provide rewards, points, and achievements, which can be highly motivating for kids. The challenge of reaching higher levels or beating their own scores can keep them interested in playing.
  • Social Interaction: Exergames that offer multiplayer or online features can be attractive to kids because they can play and interact with friends or other players from around the world.
  • A Break from Traditional Exercise: Some kids might prefer exergames over traditional forms of exercise because they feel less like they are “working out” and more like they are playing a game.
  • Technology Appeal: Children who are tech-savvy might be drawn to exergames due to their use of technology and innovative gameplay.
  • Inclusivity: Exergames with adaptive features or customizable difficulty levels can be appealing to kids of different skill levels and abilities, making them feel included and supported.
  • Competitive Spirit: Exergames with competitive elements might appeal to kids who enjoy challenging themselves and competing with others.

As with any recreational activity, it’s essential to strike a balance between exergames and other forms of physical activity to ensure a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle for children.

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