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This year 2010 YMCA General Assembly was held in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah July 8th -10th at the Salt Palace Convention Center. The General Assembly of YMCAs is the premiere celebration of the YMCA Movement in the United States, designed to inspire, rejuvenate and affirm each attendee’s passion for YMCA work and provide meaningful connections to others in the Movement.

This year was extra special because the YMCA’s debuted their new branding strategy and changed their name simply “the Y” in front of the thousands that attended this epic event. The new brand strategy is the result of more than two years of analysis and research, YMCA of the USA officials said. The new logo of a simple multicolor “Y” “reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the organization, and a framework that focuses resources on three core areas: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility,” according to the announcement on the national organization’s website — and the one-letter name aligns “with how people most commonly refer to the organization.”

Globally recognized Exergaming company Exergame Fitness was located at booth #122 and also debuted their full room Exergame concept that is called “THE VAULT” during the event. Especially designed for YMCA’s, THE VAULT delivers an interactive fitness experience that includes active gaming products that require users to move their body and work their brain to activate many of the world’s leading Exergame products inside a fun, healthy and engaging environment.

The Exergame booth was packed for the duration of the show with special guests including Dan Lawler (brother of the late Phil Lawler) representing Exergaming in the School format with his “Spark Lab” and Joel Peterson of MedPlay Technologies representing their medical based Exergame programs. Joel’s partner Dr. Ernie Medina is the “Exergaming Evangelist” and have created amazing programs for Exergames that keep kids and seniors educated on how to take care of their bodes and overall health.

For 3 straight days the Exergame booth was wall to wall and filled with YMCA’s around the nation looking at what Exergaming can do for their facilities that will help in member retention, new sign-ups and an overall new theme to compliment the new branding strategy.

The Salt Palace Convention Center was buzzing for 3 straight days in anticipation of the new branding and direction of the YMCA’s. The Exergame booth offered YMCA’s a chance to see new technology from products that are working with today’s youth and a hands-on experience like no other.

Tommy Seilheimer VP of Exergame Fitness adds:

The new branding strategy of the YMCA was exciting to say the least. The Y’s share the same vision that we do when it comes to improving communities on a unique level they understand. From the beginning to present, the Y’s have been out top client year after year due to their continual push for keeping families around the US healthy, active and engaged with eachother. Anything the YMCA’s do, we follow intently and even in some cases develop new products and concepts based on their vision.

They are making a huge impact on a scale that is “still to this day” paving a way the way for families to be actively involved in community values and overall health. It’s simply amazing to watch the new branding unfold and their hard work pay off as thousands cheered the new vision! I must say personally, if your a business and missed this event, I would advise signing up to support the YMCA’s on any level and represent your products / services at their next major event.  This was the best show we ever attended and want to congratulate the YMCA’s on putting on the best show in years!

Products in “THE VAULT” included:
(all products viewable at

    • Gamercize FIFA Soccer System
  • Lightspace Play Wall & Floor
  • Humana’s Horsepower Challenge
  • The iDANCE Wireless Dance and Step System
  • The Makoto Sports Arena

Parker Johnson, Project Manager for Motion Fitness adds:

The 2010 YMCA General Assembly in Salt Lake City, UT this past week was a smashing success for Exergame Fitness and Humana’s Active Games, including the Horsepower Challenge, which has been proven to increase kids activity levels.  It was a great opportunity to showcase how real world activity and games can be integrated through the use of simple activity monitoring devices.   During the event, we were able to demonstrate how internet based games help schools and after school programs meet state-mandated physical activity requirements – without impacting the busy schedules of school administrators.  We are able to achieve this by providing teachers and program coordinators with fun and entertaining activity options that are largely student-driven.

If you would like to know how Exergaming, including Humana’s Active Games,  can help increase physical activity in your students please contact Exergame Fitness at 847-963-8969 or by emailing us at

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