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Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club Adds Adult Interactive Fitness Room

The Auburn Racquet & Fitness club has a variety of amenities to complement our facilities. Basketball for some fast-paced action, a Smoothie Bar to refuel between activities, and a Sauna and Jaccuzi to relax at the end of your workout.  With things like a youth center, personal training, group fitness, three heated pools, jacuzzis and sauna, and much more!  One of the recent additions to the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club is their Performance X, Exergame Room!

Games aren’t just for kids anymore; adults love playing too. At Exergame Fitness, we offer a variety of weight loss workouts combined with active gaming. The Performance X Room kicks it up a notch from the traditional fitness area with this high intensity interactive exergaming solution. Designed for group based training, users will push themselves in a multitude of ways including: strength, conditioning, and reaction training, and the gamification built into the equipment will only make them work harder.  This high intensity interval training workout not only brings the heat, but the excitement and fun of gaming as well!

Here is Patrick Bergen, Fitness Director at Auburn on the member experience.  “A lot of the feedback I have received is based around how clients and members get a great workout without fully realizing it! The TWall is a perfect example. Utilizing its competition settings, our members battle it out for the top score and challenge their fitness, all while having a ton of fun. It’s also a fantastic way for members that are uncomfortable in a traditional gym setting to start their fitness journey. It really connects fun and fitness.”

The Performance X Room lets your members experience exergaming with the entire family as well! These physical fitness programs are geared to help you feel healthier while setting new goals, competing with other members, and most of all having fun. While young ones can certainly Play Out in this room, the Performance X Room is not for the faint of heart. Compete against friends or track your workouts and set new personal records. If your members are looking for a high octane, energetic, group based training area, this is your solution.

Products at the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club include fitness gaming items like the PaviGym Combo, Nexersys, tWall Interactive Fitness, PaviGym Sprint, Heavyball, and Jump Q.

The PaviGym Combo and Sprint users can choose their preferred training and practice multiple and varied exercises at their own level: balance, speed, reactions, stability, precision, coordination, agility, mobility, and postural control.

The Nexersys is an interactive and intelligent fitness product that delivers a High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) workout through cardio, core, technique, and strike video training.

Try out the tWall interactive fitness wall whether your training for power, agility, endurance, flexibility, or reaction; the tWall tests your personal limits.

The Heavyball and Jump Q combine plyometric training, and lateral fitness training.  These items are a great way to enhance speed, agility, and vertical jumping ability; while combining full body strength and cardio workouts.

We applaud the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club on their interactive Performance X, Exergame Room.  They have taken the next steps in gamifying fitness for ALL their members!  Keep an eye out as we will be doing some in depth interviews with the staff at Auburn soon.  Contact us for more!

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